The Most Important Practice for Communication with Animals

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butterflyIn this post, I want to share with you the one simple practice that is the foundation of everything that I teach in interspecies communication.

It’s a practice that we return to again and again in every class, every training program, and as a fundamental way of being in everyday life for people who want to regain their ability to communicate freely, openly, and clearly with animals and all beings.

The practice is presence.

Being present with an animal, a tree, a rock, or a human being is simple, but not always easy. It is actually our natural way of being…a way of being that many of us in modern human societies have forgotten.

The Practice of Presence

Here are instructions for a simple way to practice presence with an animal.

Choose one of your animal companions, or a wild animal. The purpose of this practice is to simply be present and quiet with an animal. 

Sit quietly with your animal friend, and simply be with them and simply focus on them, even if they leave your field of vision. Take a few easy breaths to center and calm yourself, and let any distractions simply flow through until you feel centered, calm and present. If thoughts come, notice them and allow them to float by like clouds in the sky. Remain present and in quiet awareness of the animal you are with.

Simply spend time softly observing, feeling, being with, and appreciating them. Be open to any awareness, feeling, or perception of their physical, mental, and spiritual qualities.

That’s it.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Put your phone down, or better yet, silence it and put it in another place.
  • Don’t require your animal friend to do anything (be close to you, touch you, etc.)
  • Don’t try to “do” anything else. No multitasking!
  • Don’t try to send or receive telepathic communication.
  • Be aware of thinking, trying, figuring things out, wondering…these are all mental habits that take us out of presence.
  • Allow the practice to unfold in its own time. You can stay in this practice for as short or as long of a time as you wish.

There are many ways to deepen your practice of presence. Simply being with animals, trees, plants, stones in this field of quiet awareness is one of the best ways. Practices such as Reiki, some meditation techniques that emphasize presence and awareness, and teachings by people such as Ram Dass (Be Here Now), Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) can also be helpful.


The best teachers of this practice in my experience are the other-than-human beings for whom presence and awareness is a way of life, a natural way of being that we humans often forget.

Use this practice as often as possible, with your companion animals, with the wild ones, with the trees on your land, the plants as you garden, the insects you instinctively brush away. The more you practice, the deeper your ability to sense, feel, and connect with other beings will become.

You’ll discover that when you are in this open state of presence and awareness, the animals and other beings will be drawn to you and feel comfortable being with you. It’s a beautiful way to share, to connect, and to deepen your relationships with all life.


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