Three Qualities of Authentic Telepathic Communication

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One of the most commonly asked questions I receive as a teacher of telepathic communication is:

“How do I know if what I’m getting is really coming from the animal, or from my own thoughts and ideas?”

The best way to discover the answer to this question is to get some good training on the basics of telepathic communication and then practice, practice, practice, with the guidance and support of an experienced teacher.

As you practice and learn, you’ll start to understand the difference between authentic communication and that which comes from our ideas, thoughts, and preconceptions about what an animal might wish to communicate with us.

I’ve found that there are some common qualities of authentic telepathic communication that tend to be fairly consistent. These qualities can help us to understand what true telepathic communication looks like and feels like, and can help you to recognize authentic telepathic communication when it happens, so that you can build your confidence in your ability to receive.

1. Telepathic communication is fast.

True telepathic communication is fast…almost instantaneous. In fact, it’s this quality that often causes people to ignore or overlook it. In our culture of human language, we’re conditioned to believe that the more lengthy, time-intensive, and complicated communication is, the more important it is.

We tend to blow right past telepathic communication because it happens so quickly that we often just miss it unless we are really paying attention.

As one of my dog friends once said to me,

Human language is so slow and cumbersome!

2. Telepathic communication is often surprising and unexpected.

Telepathic communication with an animal will often present a perspective that is completely different from our human perspective, or is something that we wouldn’t have expected to hear.

For example, really understanding what a dog perceives through her sense of smell as she sniffs the neighborhood telephone pole or from how many miles away a horse is able to receive information through her energy field can blow our human minds and perceptions right out of the water.

I’ve had animals show me things that I would never have imagined. My cat, Louie, shocked me when he told me that he shared a friendship and understanding with the owls in our former neighborhood. I was worried about him becoming the owls’ dinner; he told me that he and the owls communicated regularly, and that they had an agreement with each other that if Louie stayed in a certain rock area in the yard and kept his body still when the owls were hunting, they wouldn’t consider him as prey. They were friends and spent many moonlight nights in deep communion with each other.

(For the record, I was still worried. In our new home, Louie spends his nights indoors.)

Recently, I had the privilege of spending time with the blue whales in the Sea of Cortez. The whales showed me traveling through canyons and mountain ranges deep within the ocean. I had no idea what they meant or what I was seeing and perceiving from them…until I learned that the Sea of Cortez landscape under water is the same as that of the Baja Peninsula: deep canyons and mountain ranges on the ocean floor.

I communicated with a young great blue heron near my home last summer. I was concerned when he didn’t seem to understand the idea of flying, and I thought he might be injured. When I asked him about it, he communicated to me,

I just arrived.


I didn’t understand his communication completely…until I spoke with our local wild bird rehabilitator who told me that juvenile great blue herons drop down out of their rookeries (fall out, actually), and begin by learning how to walk on land and fish in the creek, and then only later do they figure out how to make their wings work and fly.

If you receive something from an animal that is unexpected and surprising, chances are you received an accurate, authentic communication.

3. Telepathic communication is often complete, whole, and multi-sensory.

Telepathic communication often comes in a whole package of understanding and sensory information. Our human minds will translate this into language and words, but telepathic communication rarely takes the form of “messages” or sentences.

As an animal communication teacher, I find that many people are confused by this. They may feel that if they are not receiving “messages”, they are not receiving “real” telepathic communication…when in fact, the opposite may be true.

Animals will transmit communication in a whole package of awareness, understanding, feeling, sensation, emotions, and perception that often comes in a complete, multi-sensory experience or understanding. It’s up to us as humans to try to translate what we receive in ways that we can share or understand, if that’s appropriate, but often, it’s difficult. I’ve had many animals communicate to me that they don’t understand how and why our human language is helpful for us…they perceive it as limited. And it is!

Animals communicate with a multi-dimensional understanding and awareness that we as a human species are only beginning to be able to access. We can learn so much from our animal teachers if we put aside our ideas, human preconceptions, and expectations and instead approach animals with an attitude of openhearted presence and a willingness to learn and discover.

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