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 In Animal Communication, Cecil the Lion

cecil_the_lionThere is something really incredible happening. Since my post last week about Cecil the Lion, I’ve been hearing from people all over the world who have had similar communications, connections, and experiences with him.

Many have been my professional colleagues and students in animal communication–and it’s wonderful that so many of us are getting such similar things–but even more exciting to me is how many people from all walks of life, not necessarily people who would think of themselves as “animal communicators” or “intuitives”, are having spontaneous, powerful connections with Cecil and his energy.

People are connecting with Cecil in dreams, in meditation, while mourning his loss, while walking their dogs…people who may never have had an experience like this are feeling him, hearing him, and connecting with him.

One of the most powerful parts of my communication with Cecil was his clarity about his availability to people, his willingness to connect and communicate and be part of this worldwide movement for healing and shifting consciousness. He asks us all to feel him…to connect with him…to allow his greater perspective and awareness to help us and guide our actions moving forward.

If you’ve had a connection or experience with Cecil, TRUST IT. I feel that what is happening in the wake of his death is a worldwide expansion in our awareness of telepathic communication, animal consciousness, life after death, and an increased global sensitivity both to the protection and preservation of our wild animal friends here on our precious planet Earth.

Communication with animals is not just for “the gifted few”…it’s a universal language that is available to everyone.

If you’re ready take the next steps in developing your ability to communicate telepathically with animals, the Beginning Animal Communication Online Class is now open for registration. I’d love to have you join us!




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