Vaquita Porpoise Communication

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vaquita-porpoisesIn working with the Vaquitas (who are now officially listed at the most endangered cetacean species in the world–estimated at between 150-300 individuals *1/2017: the population is now estimated at 48 individuals*), I was interested in what they could show me about two things: their awareness as spiritual beings about who they are and their purpose here, and also what their feelings and perspectives are about the possibility of their extinction. The communication came from the entire “species soul” of the Vaquitas, rather than from an individual.

What would you like me to understand about you, your nature, and your spiritual purpose?

We are extremely gentle and sensitive beings. Although we have been embodied here for a very long time, our time here may be coming to an end. We have lived here in these waters of our home (Gulf of California in Baja, Mexico) for a very long time….and the pressures from the human world have created many challenges for us.

We were not meant to be here forever. We came to grace this earth with our sensitivity and beauty, and it is very possible that we will cease to do that from the physical dimension. We hold the space of our being in many dimensions simultaneously, so our disappearance from what you know as the physical dimension does not mean our disappearance energetically—we will still exist but not in the forms that we have now.

Our bodies have been the perfect vehicle for our lives here. They are small, agile, and sensitive. The changes in our environment have exerted great pressure on us. Already we travel in and out of our bodies. We have great sensitivity to energy and the physical world, and it is not always easy for us to stay in our bodies for a long period of time. So we have learned to travel, to come and go, to balance our physical lives with our travel in other realities and dimensions.

What we would most like people to understand is that our beauty and gifts will not disappear even if our bodies and our species do not sustain here on this plane. We came to offer a particular gift of service, a frequency of energy that this area of the world, this particular ocean and land, has very much needed. The time for this offering is coming to an end. It is possible that we will regenerate—everything is possible now and many changes and shifts are being made. We appreciate all of the efforts that people are making to try to ensure our survival. We share the gifts of love with those who advocate for us, giving and receiving.

You can help us by sending blessings and healing to the waters in which we live. It is also helpful for others—humans and other animal species who are helping us—to draw an energetic boundary around the fishing nets that are entrapping us—so that we will be repelled and stay away from these nets if we can. The louder and stronger this energetic “warning frequency”, the easier it will be for us to avoid these dangers. We are tired….and our family structures are weakened…and so we can use all of the help that is offered to us with this.

We love our physical lives just as much as any living beings, but we also understand that our lives extend beyond our physical bodies. We are here to express beauty, gentleness, and peace. This is who we are…this is the gift that we give.

~Vaquita Porpoise Communication with Nancy Windheart

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