Voices of the Animals: Tarantula Perspective

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020x_edited-1Also published in the Summer, 2011 Issue of the Love Letters digital magazine.

I live in a Ponderosa Pine forest in the mountains of north-central Arizona. I am blessed to be close to the natural world every day, and to learn from and communicate with the many plants and animals who call this landscape home. The tarantulas are some of my favorite beings in this habitat, and each encounter with them feels like a profound gift of grace. When I asked for an animal to assist me in writing this month’s column, a beautiful female tarantula came to share her wisdom.

Our bodies are designed so that we can walk on the earth with the most exquisite sensitivity. Each of our legs, and the hairs on our legs and bellies, is a finely-tuned, delicately-calibrated antenna. With them, we feel the pulse of the Earth. We can feel and communicate with our brothers and sisters all over the planet. Our mission includes monitoring the vibrational frequencies of the planet, both of the land in each specific location where we live, and the global “lines” that travel the through the earth.

We carry the wisdom of the ancient ones. We are the elders, the grandmothers and the grandfathers, the ones who walk on the earth in balance and harmony.

Humans often fear us. There is an inaccurate belief that we are dangerous to humans. This is not true. Our perspective is that humans often fear us because they fear the wisdom and deep spiritual awareness that we carry.

I asked her if she would share her perspective on the current state of the planet, and what information, wisdom, and guidance she could offer the people who will be reading this article. She replied:

We walk on the earth with full awareness, full consciousness. Watch our movements: we move slowly, deliberately, with complete consciousness of each step, each movement. We feel each step as what you would call a prayer: as we touch the earth, we feel the information from the earth radiating up through our bodies, giving us all we need to know in that moment. With each step, we also bless the ground beneath us. Each step sends vibrations of energy, communication, and knowledge that can be felt by our brothers and sisters all over the earth. In this way, as a species, we embody an awareness of the pulse of the earth in each moment.

At this time, we are doing intense work to help the earth stay in balance. Many other species are doing this too. (In particular, she shows me outdoor/feral cats, many other insects, and burrowing animals, as well as birds who keep the balance above the earth). We are experiencing the earth “growing”. She is stretching and expanding. There is a new energy being born, and we feel this energy pulsing beneath our bodies. We travel below the surface of the earth, and balance the energies inside of the earth as well. There are many tunnels, many worlds, beneath our feet. Our perspective is that the earth is growing and healing. There is much yet to come, but we are all working together, each doing her part, to assist with this process.

Humans can, and must, do this work as well. If you simply walk on the earth with full consciousness, full awareness, the vibrations of your bodies can affect the earth and assist her growth and healing, as well. There is no living being on the earth who is not capable of doing this; it is simply a choice. However, many humans do not have this awareness or this understanding. The more of you who learn from us, and the other beings who feel the life, the blood of the earth in this way, the more peaceful and rapid her growth and healing will become.

We can teach you an important lesson about your fears. You often fear us, yet we are benevolent. Face your fears, the things you have disregarded, shut out, or hidden. If you can do this as individuals, and as a tribe, profound changes can occur.

We are happy to be your guides, your teachers. We can show you the way. Will you take a walk with us? Feel your feet on the ground. Feel the hairs on your body receiving the transmissions of the energy of the earth. We are willing to share our wisdom with all who will listen. We are weaving, weaving, weaving…the web of life, the web of balance. We love our home, we love our planet, and we walk in harmony with all beings. We have great understanding and compassion for humans. Feel our softness, our love, our light. We are both delicate like the finest thread of silk, and strong with the wisdom of the ancient ones.

Walk with us.

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