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humpback-flukes-gene-flipseThis article originally appeared in the June, 2011 Love Letters digital magazine.

In my work as an animal communicator, I’m blessed to have daily conversations not only with my own animal family, but with animals around the world, as well. Through the “magical” connection of technology (which is still necessary for the humans who are involved in the consultation), I can communicate with a horse in Argentina, a cat in Dubai, and a dog in Singapore…sometimes on the same day. Because telepathic communication knows no boundaries of time and space, I can also communicate with wild animals both near my home or physical location, and anywhere in the world. This allows me (and anyone else who wishes to uncover and use their telepathic abilities) to access the great storehouse of wisdom, grace, and divine love that our animal brothers and sisters have to share with us.

I’m excited to be a new regular contributor to “Love Letters.” As I was meditating on this column, and asking for guidance about how to structure it and what to write, one of my spiritual guides and teachers, who is an Atlantic humpback whale, came to me. Several years ago, I had the rare privilege of spending many blissful hours with this whale and her calf in their ocean home in the Silver Bank marine sanctuary off the coast of the Dominican Republic. (This is one of the main breeding and calving grounds for Atlantic humpback whales. It one of the few areas in the world where it is legal to swim with whales, under strict regulation. I have traveled there with animal communication groups on spiritual pilgrimages with these magnificent cetacean elders.) This whale gave her name to me as “Kaiya”, and has generously remained in touch with me and developed a relationship with me as a spiritual teacher and guide. At one point, she gave me a clear instruction from the whales: “Be Our Voice”.” And so, when I asked for guidance about the content of these articles, Kaiya said to me, “Let the animals write them.” For this first column, my beloved whale friend Kaiya has offered her wisdom.

This is a time of tremendous upheaval, change, and transformation for our beloved planet and all who live with her. We of the whale nations, and our beloved cetacean partners, the dolphins, have chosen to remain in our physical forms to assist humans and all life in this grand and magnificent awakening. This time has been known of for many eons. Our message is simple, and has remained unchanged throughout eternity: Love. Love is the key to unlocking everything, in every dimension, on every level. Love is all that is real…it is all that is essential…it is all that is ever needed, by any being, in any time, in any place. Love is the greatest–and only–creative force in the Universe.

We cetaceans hold the records of this planet in our bodies and in the spiritual consciousness of our pods…and we work continuously for the energetic and physical healing and rebalancing of the earth and all who live on and in her. We transmute the effects of violence and war, poison and toxins, channeling them through our bodies and transforming hatred into love. We are in a continuous healing circle for those who are most in need. For example, we offered a tremendous and concentrated amount of healing energy after the earthquakes in Japan…our spiritual help was essential in transmuting and transforming this difficult time into more openness and love, and allowing the world to see the open hearts of the people and animals there who offered this service of love for the world in the middle of great chaos and destruction.

We fill the waters of the world with our love, our consciousness, our wisdom. We are here to teach anyone who wishes to connect with us the possibilities for more love, unity, and spiritual expansion than has ever been known. We are here in joyful service to all humans who sincerely desire to connect with us and to learn from us. It is our joy to teach and share in this way. We wish to show you how you may also live as a pod, in harmony with all life, in complete unity with your environment, in total harmony, abundance, and spiritual bliss.

This is not complicated or difficult. Start with these simple things:

1. Connect to the Earth through your feet on the ground…and to the stars through the top of your head. Feel the earth…the water…and your connection with all life through your feet….and feel the infinite galaxies through your crown.

2. Each day, as you wake in the morning, and before you sleep at night, focus on your heart area, and take some deep breaths directly into your heart. Feel your entire being open to receive our love for you…and the love of the infinite source for all beings, in body or in spirit.

3. If you desire to access our wisdom, simply ask us for our help. We can guide you and help you in many different ways. Be open to our wisdom as it may come in many forms.

Being human is not an easy path. We have infinite love and compassion for our friends who have chosen to walk on the Earth as human beings in this time. You are brave and courageous, and we offer you our love, support, and strength. Love. Feel the song of Love echo in every cell of your bodies….through the waters of our beloved Earth…and through each heart. We are One Heart, One Love, One Life.

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