We Are Learning About Resilience and Adaptation

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What a time this is. We are experiencing how fast things can change, how life can be upended in what feels like a single moment, how fast the world as we thought we knew it can fall away.

One turn of the kaleidoscope and everything looks and feels very different. We are learning about resilience and adaptation. We are learning about courage, and strength, and beauty, and kindness. We are seeing mirrored all around us the best expressions of our species: creativity, art, kindness, generosity, bravery, service, devotion to community… alongside some of our worst qualities: greed, selfishness, denial, shortsightedness, arrogance.

We understand that we all have these qualities, in potential… it is up to us to decide how and when and if we will express them. When I listen to my animal friends, my tree friends, the spirit of the Earth, and also the virus itself, I understand that we are in a vast process which we can only partially view.

We have a choice, as individuals and as a global collective, in how we respond to the energy of this time. My heart is blown open many times a day by the goodness I see unfolding in our species in the middle of this crisis. People sharing the best offerings of their hearts, with generosity, kindness, and love. Opera from balconies. Poems in the night.

And yet, and also, such great suffering, such great imperilment of the most vulnerable among us, such grief. I am so grateful for my spiritual practices during this time… practices cultivated that continue to provide me with strength, perspective, and connection to Spirit… something bigger than my fears, bigger than this moment, bigger than my small and limited view.

reiki-preceptsWe met last Sunday in a Global Reiki Circle, sharing Reiki and the energy of universal and divine love with those gathered, and with our world. Over 260 people have joined this circle at last count –a response that blew me away — and it is clear to me that this gathering is called to continue.

We’ll continue to gather at least until July; all are welcome to join us, and you can find the information here.

Please share this circle with anyone who may wish to participate–it is open to anyone, anywhere.

My online courses and offerings continue unchanged; however, I have decided, in consultation with the Synergia Retreat Center, which is now mandated to close for an indefinite time under New Mexico law, to postpone the June Animal and Interspecies Communication Retreat.

The new dates for this retreat will be November 12-16. You can find additional information here. I am also working on some new materials and offerings to share with you during this time.

Be well, be safe, take good care of each other. It is a blessing and a privilege to be here with each of you at this time.

With love,

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