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One of my favorite exercises in my animal communication classes is having people work with animals that they have disliked, feared, or misunderstood. I’ve seen people have life-changing experiences in communicating with and understanding the perspectives of snakes, spiders, rodents, crocodiles, sharks…the list goes on.

So I was delighted when I was asked to write a short article for the Autumn, 2013 issue of Species Link Journal on my communications with scorpions. This post was published as part of a collection of writings from animal communicators about animals who are misunderstood and feared.


I live in the desert southwest, home to one of the most misunderstood species of animals: the scorpion. In my years of living in the desert, I’ve only encountered scorpions a few times. Most have been outside when hiking or camping, or around my yard; on occasion, they have come into my home, where I trap them in a small container and release them outside.

I communicate with the scorpions when I meet them, and they have taught me much about their lives, their perspective, the role they play in the desert, and their view of humans. I communicated with a scorpion on my land recently. She showed me her gentle, soft nature, her desire to live in peace in dark, cool places, and the way she moves mostly at night.

She said (my clarifications in brackets):

I move on the earth with care and quiet. In each movement of my body, I feel and connect with the movement of the earth beneath me. We move as one. I do not feel myself as separate from the earth, but one with it as I move and it moves with me.

My life is about finding food, water, and the right habitat for myself and my family. I prefer to live very quietly. Sometimes, I want to come into homes and buildings where it is cool and dark, particularly in the hot season. I am aware that here I may have conflict with humans, so I seek places where humans do not live first.

I am aware that many of our kind are killed by humans. We have connection with each other and communicate through the net of our family [species] about our lives. We have no interest in harming humans. Our venom helps us to kill and eat our prey [normally smaller arthropods]. We do not wish to interact with humans most of the time. However, we are aware of humans and would like to have more understanding and communication between our species.

Our species does a great work for the earth. We connect the lines of the stars with the lines of the earth [she shows me working at night, feeling and connecting with the celestial bodies as she goes about her life, moving on the desert soil]. We keep the land in balance and the earth-home balanced energetically and physically.

I am grateful to you for moving me out of your home and away to a safe place. I appreciate having a cooperative, peaceful relationship with you, and feeling you connecting with my spirit with respect and gentleness.

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