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istock-crystalWhen I was recently asked to write a guest post for the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy on how I use crystals in my animal communication and healing practice, I was inspired to really think about the many ways that crystals and healing stones have assisted and taught me as I have worked with them. I have remembered with gratitude the many miracles and beautiful healing that the crystals have facilitated in my own life, and for my clients and their animal companions.

I consider the Crystal Beings to be partners and teachers, rather than tools, in my life and work. In my work as a professional animal communicator and Reiki Master-Teacher, I work with people and their animal friends with a variety of issues, from behavior and training to physical challenges and end-of-life decisions.

I communicate telepathically with crystals in much the same way as I communicate with animals, plants, nature spirits, and the many other beings in our world—as sentient beings, with consciousness, wisdom, awareness, and individuality. In this way, the crystals themselves have taught me the most—who they are, what they are here for, what energy they carry, what they can best help with, and how to use them. This has been a fascinating journey for me, taking me beyond what is available in any book and helping me to realize the tremendous beauty, flexibility, and power of our crystal and mineral friends.

I find that animals, in general, are very sensitive and receptive to the energies of crystals, gems, and minerals. Often, animals who live with people who love crystals are especially sensitive to them, and may even be able to tell me which crystal they need. Animals are often very aware of the principles of energy flow, commonly called feng shui, and will request certain stones and minerals to be placed in particular areas of the home to facilitate a healthy feeling of balance and flow. I worked with a cat who requested that clear quartz and rose crystals be placed in a window of his home, to help to transmute the dark energies that were coming into the apartment from a neighboring bar.

Some animals will benefit by having crystals and other stones placed on or near their bodies in an in-person healing session; it may also be appropriate at times to give animals a particular stone to wear on their collar, headstall, or placed in their enclosure. However, animals will often respond very positively to simply invoking the energy of a particular stone. I will often receive this kind of information intuitively as part of a communication or healing session, in cases where there is a particular crystal energy that will be beneficial.

For example, I worked with a companion bird recently who needed and responded to the strong, balancing energy of citrine. Within a short time, with the help of Reiki and communication, her health and vitality was greatly restored. In these cases, I ask that the stone or crystal share their energy with the animal in need, and that the animal receive it, without necessarily needing to have the actual crystal near their body or in their environment.

I also love to use crystal grids, both in my personal life and with my clients. I have a crystal grid that is activated with Reiki in my office. I use a bowl in the center, where I write the names of the animals and people I am working with, and activate the crystal grid with Reiki energy that will continue to send Reiki 24/7 to those in need. I have found that this is very effective, and helps to provide great support and healing energy for those who need it.

Like many people who are working in the healing and intuitive professions, I have clear memories of other lifetimes of working with the crystals, where their wisdom and healing power was a known and accepted truth in society. It is my feeling that many of us have carried this knowledge and understanding forward to this time here on planet Earth, and that now the world is ready again to really understand and receive the blessings from the mineral world in a way that is extremely powerful and profound.

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