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Today’s question comes from Patricia:


Do animals “catch” thought forms, especially those that are pictorial? For example, when I’m leaving the house for a short run to the store, I try very hard not to tip off my Golden Retrievers that I’m going. I’ll have my car keys already in the garage, no change of clothes, etc. and still they know. What are your thoughts?

Oh, I love this question. 🙂 Here is the short and simple answer: YES!

How Animals Communicate

Animals communicate using the universal language of telepathy. This is a language that all species (including humans) share; however, it’s animals’ first and primary language, in addition to whatever species language they have (which can include vocalizations, body language, etc.)

Telepathic communication can be transmitted in many ways, including pictures, feelings + emotions, physical sensations, or a general “package” of knowing.

Because telepathy is animals’ primary way of communicating, they are very fluent with it. So I always give this reminder to people:

Assume that your animals can understand you telepathically, even if you’re not confident about your ability to understand them.

Animals can pick up and “read” our thoughts, intentions, and feelings very easily. This is why your dogs know that you’re going to the store. When you start to prepare to leave the house, it doesn’t matter that you are hiding your behavioral “clues” (car keys, not changing clothes, etc.)…your dogs are getting your thoughts.

You are picturing getting in the car and going out to do your errands, and they are getting this from the pictures that your mind creates, as well as your feelings and intentions. Your attempts to “hide” this information from them are probably reinforcing it even more strongly…

I’m not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere!

translates to your dogs as:

I’m going to the store! I’m going to the store! I’m going to the store!

Most people who live with animals have experienced similar things. Author and telepathy researcher Rupert Sheldrake has a wonderful book about this:

Dogs that Know When Their Owners are Coming Home


How Telepathy Works

Our animal friends are wonderful teachers about the universal language of telepathy. Assume that they can understand you, and ask for their help in understanding them. Pay attention to pictures, thoughts, feelings, sensations…this is how animals communicate with each other, and potentially with us.

When there is a breakdown in understanding between animals and humans, it’s often because we humans are not communicating congruently…our thoughts, feelings, and intentions are not in alignment.

For example, asking our dog not not chase the mail carrier if we secretly think it’s pretty funny and cute will translate to the dog as,

She thinks it’s really great that I chase the mail carrier!

So it’s important that we use telepathy to communicate with our animals clearly and congruently–with our thoughts and feelings in alignment. (This is a big difference between humans and animals…we are a much messier species in this department.)

Telepathy is a beautiful language–and compared to our human language, a lot quicker, more efficient, and more complete. I remember one of my dog friends communicating to me,

Human language is so slow, complicated, imprecise, and cumbersome! Why do you bother with it?

He was genuinely baffled by this–trying to understand why our species has forgotten the universal language in favor of the “inferior” human language.

Animals are usually thrilled when their people start to learn to use their language, and they will do everything they can to help us…including slowing things down, repeating things, and indicating when they have understood us and when we have understood them.

So appreciate your dogs’ understanding, and know that you can’t get away with much. 🙂

You might try a different approach: instead of trying to hide your trips to the store, let them know that you’re going, give them a clear picture of you in the car (alone), and also a picture of you coming back home. If you like, you can speak out loud to them. (When we speak aloud, we also communicate our thoughts via pictures, feelings, and intentions.)  They still may want to go with you…but your communication will be honest and congruent.

If you’d like more information about how telepathic communication works, you might enjoy my free Introduction to Animal Communication class. The animals are just waiting to welcome our species back into the web of life…and remembering the universal language is a wonderful place to start.



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