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We are connected.

We are a global family.

A few weeks ago, my cat Louie, who has his paw on the planetary pulse more than anyone I know, “interrupted” my morning meditation. He came bopping up to me, in his characteristically Louie way, fixed his eyes on mine in a concentrated, intense stare, and communicated,

“It’s really, really tippy out there.”

I have learned after over 15 years of living with Louie to listen to him, even if I am not totally sure what he means.

louie-the-catLouie has an immense capacity to feel, sense, and work with planetary energies. He reads and understands the deep fields of the Earth, as well as the waves in the collective consciousness, including, but not limited to, events in the human world.

Even after all of this time, with Louie communicating with me and teaching me about what he feels, understands, and knows, I often say that I can barely comprehend his wisdom, experience, and awareness. My understanding, compared to his, is like the tiniest tip of a very, very big iceberg.

The last time Louie made this kind of intense pronouncement was about a month before the 2016 US election. Before that, it has preceded natural disasters, big waves in the collective human consciousness, and other important global events.

So, when the COVID-19 pandemic exploded exponentially around the world, I thought back to what Louie had communicated, and then, I began to understand.

As I have followed the news of this global crisis, and am now feeling the impacts in my community here in northern New Mexico, I asked the question of my guides and spiritual teachers:

“How can I serve? What can I contribute during this time?”

The answer came simply, clearly:

“Offer a global gathering to share Reiki, love, healing energy with all beings.”

Reiki is a foundation in my life for helping me to work with stress and anxiety, for self-healing, and as a conduit of divine love and healing energy for others. Reiki is both a simple and tremendously powerful energy that can be of benefit in unlimited ways. So, at this time, I am offering a global Reiki sharing circle that is free and open to anyone, anywhere, in the world.

I invite Reiki practitioners from all lineages and traditions to join me in holding this circle, as well as anyone who wishes to receive Reiki and participate in this intention for connecting our hearts and our Earth family during this time.

What is Reiki?

reiki-symbolReiki is a spiritual healing art that originated in modern times in Japan, with its roots in ancient eastern cultures. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” or “Divine Wisdom or the Higher Power,” and (Ki) which means “Energy”, also known as Chi or Prana. So one way of describing Reiki is “spiritually guided life-force energy.”

Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is not massage or bodywork nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life-force energy.

Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of energy healing that anyone can use. It supports medical or therapeutic treatments and techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves and help others.

Reiki can be practiced in-person, or shared at a distance. Reiki practitioners share Reiki energy after training and a special ceremony called an “attunement” that initiates them into this particular energy healing tradition.

A group of Reiki practitioners gathering together in a Reiki circle is a powerful way to share Reiki, and one of the blessings of our global technology is that we can now gather in these circles across the planet and offer Reiki for anyone who wishes to participate.



Global Reiki Circle

I invite you to join me in a global Reiki healing circle for our families, our communities, our countries, and our world.

UPDATE: Our first Global Reiki Circle on March 22 was such a powerful and beautiful gathering, and many participants expressed a desire to continue.

We will meet weekly through the end of April. At that time, I will re-evaluate regarding additional gatherings.

Our Global Reiki Circle in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will be held on Sundays at 12 pm MT:

March 29

April 5

April 12

April 19

April 26

UPDATE: Our Global Reiki Circle will continue meeting once a month for the next 3 months, on Saturdays close to the New Moon:

Saturdays, 12 pm MT/2 pm ET:

May 23

June 20 (this is also Summer Solstice)

July 18


If you are unable to join us in “real time”, please remember that Reiki functions outside the boundaries of time and space. You are welcome to join us energetically, via the video recording or on your own, at any time that works for you. Of course, we would love to have as many people joining together simultaneously as possible…it nurtures us as human folks to do that. 🙂

To find the start time in your location, see: (use Albuquerque, New Mexico, or Denver, Colorado as the location to convert from)


We will gather for approximately 50 minutes.

The circle is hosted on the same platform that I use to teach my courses (Ruzuku); you’ll be asked to sign up using your email address, and then you’ll be given access to the site and all of the information about the gathering.

We’ll gather by webinar, available to anyone with internet access.

This circle is free and open to anyone who wishes to participate. Your family, including children and animal companions, are welcome. If English is not your native language, you are also welcome to join…much of our time will be silent, a simple sharing of Reiki. The webinar will be recorded, and so you can participate even if you can’t be with us at the actual time that we gather. (One of the blessings of Reiki is that is “works” outside of the confines of time and space, and so you can participate in the energy of the webinar at any time.)

Please share this circle with anyone you feel may wish to join us.

All are welcome.

One life, one love, one heart…we are a global family.

This beautiful poem by Lynn Ungar  speaks so eloquently to this time:


What if you thought of it

as the Jews consider the Sabbath—

the most sacred of times?

Cease from travel.

Cease from buying and selling.

Give up, just for now,

on trying to make the world

different than it is.

Sing. Pray. Touch only those

to whom you commit your life.

Center down.

And when your body has become still,

reach out with your heart.

Know that we are connected

in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.

(You could hardly deny it now.)

Know that our lives

are in one another’s hands.

(Surely, that has become clear.)

Do not reach out your hands.

Reach out your heart.

Reach out your words.

Reach out all the tendrils

of compassion that move, invisibly,

where we cannot touch.

Promise this world your love—

for better or for worse,

in sickness and in health,

so long as we all shall live.

   (Lynn Ungar 3.11.20)

Please join us for our Global Reiki Circle. I wish you and your families strength, safety, wellness, and an abundance of grace during this time.

With much love,




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