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What a time this has been! As we come to the end of 2020, I am aware that we are in a deep collective processing of all of the events of this year in our inner and outer worlds. We’re just past the powerful Solstice with the big Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and in this holiday season with so many different cultural and spiritual celebrations, we are turning toward lengthening days here in the northern hemisphere and shortening days in the southern as we move our awareness and intentions toward 2021.

This time has been filled with so many losses, so much grief, both personal and collective. Also, for many of us, there has been an unfolding awareness of what is most important to us, the gifts of our deepest relationships, our connection with the Earth and all she holds, and an opportunity to slow down, become still, and connect more deeply with our inner lives and the most tender callings of our hearts.

I know that like me, many of you count your relationships with your animal friends as some of the most important and precious blessings of your lives. At this time, perhaps more than ever, I feel that learning to deeply listen to, understand, and communicate with the beings of the “more than human” world may be one of the most important pathways forward for the spiritual transformation of our species and our lives on our beloved Earth.

I’ve created a new free course that I am offering to you as my holiday gift: The Basics of Telepathic Animal Communication. In it, you’ll find a new hour-long video, part of the introduction that I gave at our Animal Communication Zoom Retreat in November; and also the 10 Tools for Telepathic Communication with Animals E-Book and the Open Your Heart to the Animals meditation.

To access the free course, you’ll just need to register with your email address through Ruzuku, the platform that hosts my courses. You can register here.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, may this holiday bring you peace and a renewed joy and connection with all life.

I wish you and your beloveds of all species a season of peace, rest, renewal, and deep connection.

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free.

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