How I Keep My Focus on Joy, Connection, and the Matters of Daily Life

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riverWhat a time this is. Like many of you who I’ve been hearing from, I am affected emotionally, physically, and energetically by all that is happening in my country and in our world.

Sometimes, it’s just plain exhausting. Overwhelming. Worrying. Frightening. Upsetting. Angering. Heartbreaking.

We know that we’re in a great time of transition, of birthing a new way of being, living, and loving in our world that is long overdue. And, it’s grueling. Let’s just be honest about that.

When I feel myself losing my center, my “hawk’s eye vision,” my grounding and anchoring, I know I need to spend some extended time outdoors, in places with strong, supportive, nourishing energy. One of my favorite places is at the Rio Grande River not far from my home, in a beautiful canyon filled with ancient sites, petroglyphs, and peace.

This time is isolating for many of us. Yet, when I go to this sacred, magical , powerful place, I never feel alone. The giant old cottonwood trees, the boulders, the ancient sites, the mesas, the sage, the animals, and the spirits of the the land surround me, welcome me, speak to me, and nourish me.

Last Sunday, as I sat perched on a rock high above the river, I watched first a few ducks, then a flock of geese, feeding in an eddy, floating peacefully downstream, calling to their friends. I could feel that, while they are aware of the human world, and affected by it in certain ways, it was such a small part of their reality and awareness. Their daily lives are peaceful, connected, joyful, and satisfying.

What a wonderful teaching and reminder this was for me… to keep my focus on joy, connection, the matters of daily life; allowing the outer world events to take their rightful place in my awareness — not ignoring them completely, or denying them, or whitewashing them with new age “spiritual bypassing,” but also not allowing them to take a bigger place in my life and awareness than is necessary or helpful.

Anchoring in through presence in each moment, what is actually happening right now, feeling my breath, my body, my connection and ongoing relationship with all life, allows me to regroup, and then see what, if anything, is mine to do.

The spirits of the river, the mesas, and the geese hold me as I return to my work in the world, contribute to my community in ways that I am able to, and care for myself and my loved ones of all species. It also helps me to know that, on the days when I feel overwhelmed and energetically “flattened”, I’m not alone.

As challenging as it is, we are in this together. I am grateful for you, and for the connections that we share!


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