New Moon Circles Expanding and Evolving

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istock_000000898180xsmall-moonriseMany of you have been actively participating with me in the monthly New Moon Healing Circles for the past two years. As 2013 begins, with the New Moon in Capricorn this January 11, I want to share with you about the changes and evolutions I’ve been guided to make with these sacred gatherings.

The New Moon Circles have been a powerful focus for healing for so many of us during the last two years. As we have gathered together through intention each month, and I’ve held ceremony here at my home and on my land and other sacred areas, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the gifts of healing and transformation that we have received.

Here is a little history about this Circle:

As the Winter Solstice Full Moon was eclipsed by the Sun on the night of December 20-21, 2010, I received guidance that I am to hold New Moon Healing Circles on each New Moon of 2011. At the last New Moon of 2011, I was guided to continue these circles throughout 2012. These ceremonies will be for the benefit of all beings and our planet, Gaia, as an anchor for the powerful healing and transformational energies that are available to us all as we journey through the Turning of the Ages.

The New Moon is a powerful time for seeding: setting intention and focusing energy for what will grow in the upcoming month. In many cultures, the New Moon is the time of literal planting–sowing seeds. It is a powerful time for co-creating with the Universe and calling the deepest, most holy desires of our hearts into form. Consciously holding ceremony on the New Moon focuses and grounds these powerful energies, allowing them to flow for the greatest well-being of all.

As 2012 drew to a close, with its succession of powerful planetary alignments and the much-discussed 12-21-2012 Winter Solstice/Mayan Calendar end, I asked for guidance about the New Moon Circles in 2013.

What I received was clear and direct; the Circles as they have been structured for the last two years have completed their purpose. It is now time for an expansion of this energy to support all of us in creating our own ceremonies, intention, and healing in various ways as we move through 2013.

We are all healers. We all have the ability to offer healing for ourselves, our loved ones, and the greater world that we all share. Each of us have different spiritual traditions, different affinities, unique and individual ways that we work with and channel healing energy into the world.

Whether this is through ceremony, meditation, prayer, participation in organized religion or spiritual practice, spending time in nature or with animal friends, or simply lighting a candle or offering an intention or prayer of peace, healing, or gratitude, each of us, in our own way, can offer these kinds of blessings for ourselves, our families, and the collective.

With this in mind, my mission is to create a place of support where these intentions can be honored and celebrated. Rather than facilitating ceremony in way I have over the last two years, I will be focusing my intentions on supporting each of you to create and maintain the energy of this circle in whatever way you choose.

I’ll be using my Nancy Windheart Facebook Page as the forum for this. Each month, I’ll post links to helpful articles about the New and Full Moons, astrological alignments, and spiritual practices that we can all share.

I invite you to participate with me there through sharing your intentions and creations, your visions and your creations.

I look forward to sharing and co-creating with you this year!

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