Physical Tools to Quiet the Mind

 In Animal Communication

relaxOne of the things I often hear from people who are learning to reclaim their natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals is,

“I can’t quiet the chatter in my mind.”

It’s important to learn how to quiet our minds when opening to communicating with animals, so that we can learn the difference between our own human mental processes and thinking and direct, authentic communication from and with the animals.

We don’t need to get rid of our thoughts completely (it’s actually almost impossible to do that, and not necessary), but we do need to learn to become quiet and still enough that we can recognize when our thinking minds are running away with us, and learn how to rein them in.

Communication with animals is, at its core, a practice that is based in the body, and energetically, in the heart center. It’s not a process that is based in the thinking mind, but rather the deeper body-mind. Hearing and understanding the animals clearly is fundamentally a somatic experience.

And so, some of the best practices I know for quieting the mind are practices that are based in the body. Here are a few of my favorites, and ones that I often teach in my classes and workshops.

These simple, physical practices can help to alter our brainwaves and calm our minds, putting us in a clearer place to receive clear telepathic communication. 

Put Your Feet Flat on the Ground.

Sit with your feet flat on ground or floor, barefoot if possible. Open to sense and feel the Earth through the receptors in your feet. Become aware of being part of the Earth, connected with all life. Breathe. Sense the Earth’s energy through your feet, and use your inner senses to feel the exchange of energy with the Earth as you inhale and exhale.

Sit on the Earth.

Lie down with your back on the ground, or sit with your back against the trunk of a tree. The backs of our bodies are a center of our intuitive awareness. As we lie or sit on the earth or against a tree, our backs will respond and begin to remember and open more deeply to our intuitive senses.

Trees are amazing teachers. Ask them for their help and they will teach you.


Conscious awareness of the breath, with exhalations longer than inhalations, through the nose will calm the nervous system and quiet the chattering, thinking mind. There’s a reason that breath practices are found in almost all ancient meditative and spiritual traditions. The breath is our lifeline to the universe and one of the primary foundations to support us in coming into our bodies with full awareness.

Try this practice: Inhale for 4 counts, Exhale for 6 counts. Go at a speed that feels comfortable for you, and in a way that doesn’t force or push the breath. Slow, easy, gentle breaths, inhaling, exhaling. Repeat 3 times, or as much as feels good to you.

Open heart posture, arms wide and out.

To do this practice, sit in a chair, or stand, and simply open your arms as wide as possible, inhale, and then let them drop to your sides as you exhale. You can do this as many times as feels comfortable. This practice helps to release tension, bring awareness into our hearts, and let our bodies and minds know that we can let go, relax, and connect.

Learning to quiet our minds and become receptive and open to the animals requires a bit of practice and retraining for most of us who live in the fast-paced human world, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or require years and years of meditation training! It simply requires our willingness to slow down, and pay attention to what is already present within and around us.

I hope that you enjoy these practices!




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