Spiritual Life in a Physical Body

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Photo: Gene Flipse, Conscious Breath Adventures 

I asked the Atlantic Humpback Whales for a communication for the collective for the upcoming year.

A young baby humpback came in to give her perspective and wisdom, full of optimism, joy, and a great, benevolent love. She communicated that she is in physical reality–newly born or about to be born–and shared this message:

“I am an individual and I am also part of my pod, and part of the collective of all life here on Earth. We are still here! The whales are still being born; we are still choosing to be here, to live our physical lives and to do our spiritual work with the earth, with humanity, and with All That Is.

There is no need to separate physical life from spiritual life. It is all part of the same whole. My pod and I know this very well. Our physical lives contain and express all of our spiritual wisdom and the spiritual energy that we share with the entire planet. There is no separation between the life of the body and our awareness as spiritual beings.

This is an important teaching for humans. Look at how I love my body!”

She showed me playing swimming, joyfully nursing from her mother, learning to move her body and develop her physical strength with a pure joy and bliss in being alive, being in the water, being with her family, having a physical form.

“We choose to continue to be here! We love life. We love being embodied here on the Earth. We continue to offer our gifts of service THROUGH our bodies, and we intend to continue to do so.

Our physical lives may be threatened in various ways ….but we continue to be born, to live, to swim, to mate and care for our young, and to CHOOSE consciously and with full awareness our interactions with humans and all of the other life-forms on this planet.

We have chosen as a species to remain here on this earth, and despite the challenges that we face, we are committed to remaining here, to living out our mission, to healing the waters of the earth with our songs, to healing the hearts of the humans with our love, and to holding all beings in strength and solidarity through many changes in our physical and energetic environments.

You can learn from us. Swim. Breathe. Enjoy. Play. Express. Love. Learn to live in a pod. Learn to feel our pod consciousness and to communicate and move through life as a collective.

I have great hope for my life, for your lives, for the lives of all. My whale family is singing about the rebalancing of the water through the pouring in of the light, the rebalancing of the physical aspects of matter and form through the power of love.

More and more of we young ones are coming in now, sometimes after much time away, to hold the net, sing the new songs, hold the matrix of love for all. We are love….and love is all….sing with us, swim with us, join us in celebrating Life.”


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