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afghan-hound-suryaIt’s the middle of winter here in the northern hemisphere; all kinds of crazy and unbearable things are happening in our world… and so I thought that this week, I’d send you a couple of photos that might make you SMILE.

This is my Afghan hound Surya (the name Surya means Sun, and he certainly is one of the great lights and loves of my life). He makes me laugh many times every day. We’ve all had a bit of cabin fever lately… the other day, I heard a funny noise coming from the bedroom and this is what I found.

I laughed, a lot… especially at his expression. You don’t have to be an animal communication professional to understand this one!

And here is one more of Surya, in a bed that he has not yet torn up, demonstrating his favorite yoga pose: Upward Facing Dog.


Here is Surya in his favorite winter napping pose: Upward Facing Dog.

I hope that you have a wonderful week, with some laughs, and lots of gratitude for the simple joys of life!

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