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Whales_0913_1-2All photos unless otherwise noted: Gene Flipse, Conscious Breath Adventures

No Words

Since I’ve been home from the journey with the Atlantic Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank, I have been feeling the deep transformation that always follows these experiences. I have been feeling both my desire to write about and share my journey, and the deep wisdom that the whales shared with me, and also a sense of overwhelm, feeling the impossibility of conveying the whales’ gifts in what feels like such a cumbersome form of expression, human language.

Finally, after many days, the whales are helping me to write this post. I’m incredibly grateful.

New Energy

This is the fourth trip that I have made to be with the whales in their Silver Bank home. It’s such a privilege to experience this trip even once, and to have experienced it four times is an honor, a gift, and a responsibility.

In many of my previous journeys with the whales, I experienced deep healing, profound personal transformation, and long-lasting internal and external life changes as a result of being in the presence of these magnificent beings.

From the time that I was called by the whales to be on the journey this year (see the post Living in the Flow of Grace for that story), I’ve been aware that this trip would be different. That my assignment this year was not just personal, but was meant to be shared with others in a larger context.

From the first day of my arrival in the Dominican Republic, gathering with the “Whale Sisters” before our departure by boat for the Silver Bank, I could feel the energy of this trip. I was filled with joy, delight, wonder, and huge gales of laughter as our group met and bonded immediately with each other. Many of us hadn’t seen each other for years; some of us had never met in person, but immediately there was a feeling of connection, of shared purpose, and of a heady, giddy, bubbly joy that I could barely contain.


I knew that this joy was connected to the whales, and to the energy that they were already giving us even before we joined them.

After an 8-hour long, nearly 80-mile nighttime voyage on typically rocky seas aboard the M/V Sun Dancer II, we arrived in the Silver Bank as dawn was breaking. As we entered the calm waters of the reef, whales surrounded us everywhere, swimming, blowing, gently diving, and welcoming us to their home.


Transmission and Attunement: Mother and Calf

One of our most incredible encounters was on our first full day with the whales. We were able to spend hours in the water with a mother whale and her calf. (That’s our group–I’m the farthest on the left.)


The mother whale rested and slept while her calf gently and tenderly interacted with us. The calf swam to each one of us, looking us in the eyes, swimming down our line of “tiny humans” and giving us each a transmission of energy that was both individual and collective.

I felt my body and energy field being completely realigned, restructured, and reconfigured during this interaction. Many of my fellow swimmers and animal communicators felt similar energy moving through them as the baby whale swam with us and worked with us.

The connection with these whales was so breathtaking, so heart-expanding, so intimate and deep that it was impossible to take it all in. There are no words that can possibly describe the experience, only a rough approximation of it.


As we ended one of our times in the water with this incredible pair of whales, the mother whale, who had been resting below us and not moving, suddenly began to take off. She was deep beneath us, and she was careful to move away from us as she picked up speed…the energy was electric in the water…

”She’s coming up!” And come up she did–into a spectacular series of breaches. I lifted my head out of the water just in time to see her breach the first time, and again, and again, feeling the spray of the water on my face as her massive body splashed back down into the ocean.

Breaching-Whale-GretaPhoto: Greta Procious

We screamed and laughed with joy and excitement. Exhilaration. Joy. Power. Sheer delight in her physical form…in her ability to move…when I felt into the breach and communicated with her about it, I felt her joy at being with us, sharing her “kid” with us, and felt her awareness of her deep mission with humans.

“I’m showing you what it means”, she said, “I’m showing you what it means to be here, on this Earth, in our bodies, in our lives, Now. You have your human forms…I have my whale form…and we all can experience this joy, this bliss, this ecstasy. I love to share my joy with humans…and to feel yours in return.”

The Whale Cloud

The Silver Bank is a vortex or energy center, similar to other sacred site and powerful energy centers such as Stonehenge, Sedona, and Machu Piccu. There is a reason beyond the biological (protected coral reef area, warm waters) that the whales have chosen this as their winter breeding and calving grounds, and return here, year after year, from all of their various winter homes in the north Atlantic.

There is a palpable, powerful energy in the Whale Grounds that is unmistakable. Swimming in the waters of the whales is a sacred and holy experience, much like visiting a sacred site or experiencing vortex energy on land. In the water, the energy is amplified, moving through us, around us, bathing us, surrounding us, flowing through our cells and energy fields.

Those of us who have spent time in the magical portal of the Silver Bank know that miracles happen there. Unexplainable experiences, phenomena, and gifts unfold in the Sacred Whale Grounds as a regular matter of course. The whales often give us gifts in the sky and clouds, but this week’s gift was the most phenomenal that I’ve seen.

At sunset on the night of the Full Moon, this Whale Cloud appeared in the sky. Notice not just the perfectly shaped humpback whale in the clouds, but the calf riding on her back.

Whale-CloudPhoto: Greta Procious

Connecting the Centers of Energy

In the weeks and months leading up to the whale journey, I was guided to take several “shamanic hiking journeys” to the canyons, sacred sites, and vortex areas near my home in Sedona, Arizona. I’d receive instructions, sometimes suddenly, from my spirit guides, who would say, “Today! Go here!” and show me the place and time I should appear. I would wander into the red rocks, the canyons, the cliffs, the waters, not knowing the why or wherefore of it all, but trusting that it was all connected, all part of the process, and that understanding wasn’t necessary.

I felt clearly that I was being asked to do work that I didn’t need to see or understand. Sometimes, on these afternoon journeys, I would receive communication and downloads from the whales and other spiritual guides. Often, I would be shown rocks in the shape of whales, rocks containing whale eyes, or clouds in the shapes of whales.

I was guided to collect small rocks on many of these journeys. Red rock, granite, lava, limestone. I kept them all on my altar in preparation for the journey.

As I packed for the whale trip, I was given the instructions to bring several of these rocks with me. I was to do ceremony in the Silver Bank at the Full Moon, leaving some of the Sedona rocks in the ocean, and bringing some of them home.

We Sing the Song of the New Earth


As I was preparing for this journey, I realized that we would be in the Whale Grounds on March 27, the Full Moon. And not just any Full Moon–one of the most intense and powerful Full Moons of 2013. As always, these journeys and events are divinely orchestrated, and these kinds of “surprise” timings are common.

On the morning of the day of the Full Moon, we were cruising slowly in the small boats (tenders), when we heard the unmistakable sound: Singing. A singing whale, nearby. Gene dropped the hydrophone in the water so we could listen, and we sat, transfixed, listening to the song and feeling the transmission and communication offered by the singer.

Whale song is like nothing else in the world. Much has been written about the musical and social complexity of whale song–how the song of the pod changes every year, evolving and transforming over time.

As I listened, I felt once again the transformation of my body, my cells, my energy field.

“We Sing the Song of the New Earth,” I heard from the Singer as he moved through the intricate phrases of his song. As a musician, I was aware of the structure of the song, the order of it, the shapes and texture of the phrases, and how it was put together in perfect balance and harmony. As an animal communicator, I was moved to tears by the wisdom, the awareness, the profound beauty in the song, and the feeling it created in my body and spirit of resonance, creation, possibility.

I could feel again an energetic restructuring, an attunement, an alignment, building on the experience with the mother and calf, and uniting with the energies of the Libra Full Moon, the stars, the ocean, and all of the Earth.

I felt the whale song transmitting codes–beams of information, light, awareness–not just for us, but for all beings on the Earth. In communicating with the whales about this afterwards, they showed me that they are moving this information all over the earth, giving it to people and all beings who wish to receive it.

As we completed our time with the singer, I brought my rocks from Sedona into the water with me, offering a simple prayer and ceremony as I dropped them to the ocean floor. As I did so, I could feel the “knitting together” energetically of these two power places. The rocks of the desert and the waters of the ocean combined their vortex energy, amplifying, connecting, and expanding each.

I’m very aware that my desert home was once covered by ocean, and was the home of dolphins and whales. That day in the Silver Bank, I could feel so deeply why I have said so many times, “I have two homes on this Earth: the Verde Valley in Arizona, and the Silver Bank of the whales.” My spiritual resonance and connection with both places feels unified, complete, and whole.

Integrating All Dimensions

After the experience with the Singer on the Full Moon, I felt whole, complete, and that I had received what the whales had brought me there for. Although we had another full day left, I felt that I could go home complete, happy, and fulfilled.

The whales were giving me instructions about how to share the energy that we received with others who are not able to make this journey, but who are attuned to the whales and the gifts that they have to offer. I began to receive instructions for the classes that the whales had asked me to teach upon my return.


The whales have often showed me how they are able to experience multiple dimensions simultaneously, with no conflict between their physical lives in the oceans of Earth and their experiences in many dimensions, many “times,” and many locations. This, among other things, is one of their primary teachings for humans at this time.

On Thursday, I felt my work with the whales was complete as a storm front moved in and the whales went far outside of the coral reef, into deep waters. They communicated to me that they were doing deep work…and this time, not involving the humans. We had no interactions with the whales that day, and on Friday, we began our voyage home.

The Whales Are Here

As I sat in JFK airport on my long journey home, I called my close friend and colleague, Joannara Fox, who was also helping with my animal family while I was away. Joannara told me of an incident with my Afghan hound, Tara, that was both funny and profound in its connection to the journey, my work, and the whales.

Tara is my spiritual partner, my sister, my muse, my twin soul…

img_0489Photo: Nancy Windheart

Tara and I have been together in many incarnations, many time-lines, including living together as whales. In our current incarnations as dog and human, I am Tara’s Humble Servant. And she knows that most of the time, I am more than happy to do her bidding.

I had a new housesitter caring for my animal family while I was on this trip, and had left instructions for her to call Joannara with any questions or problems with the animals. On Thursday, the day I felt my time with the whales was complete, my heart started to turn toward my desert home. I also felt my beloved Tara pulling me, calling me, saying, “When are you coming home???”

On Thursday, at home, Tara sat in her favorite chair, which we lovingly call her Throne, and proceeded to…

Bark. Bark. Bark. Woof. Woof. Woof.

An hour went by. Bark. Bark. Then two. The sitter tried everything…

Bark. Bark. Bark. Woof. Woof. Woof.

Finally, in desperation, the sitter called Joannara, who communicated with Tara.

“I am calling Nancy home. She can teleport. [Joannara’s and my word, not Tara’s–Tara shows simply the experience of moving my body instantly from one location to another]. Nancy knows how to do this. I want her HOME NOW.


Tell Nancy she doesn’t need to stay with the Whales. They are right here. I see them. I feel them.


As I laughed, I also realized how deeply Tara was tuned in with me, how much she had shared my experience, how much she understands at the deepest levels of the teachings of the whales and my journey to them.

Tara has greater faith in my ability to teleport than I do…yet I know she is right. We all have this ability. We just don’t know quite how to use it. It happens spontaneously…and one day, I believe, it will happen consciously.

Stepping It Up: Share It with All Who Wish to Receive It

And slowly, my work with the whales on this journey was becoming more clear. The whales are stepping it up–offering their gifts to all who can receive them. In my own small way, my job is to help people to connect to the whales in such a way that they can receive their gifts.

As guided by the whales, I am offering a series of two teleclasses that will be offered live, and then continue to be available via recording. This is one way for people to experience the energy of the whales and the wisdom that they offer us without having to necessarily be in their physical presence.

The whales are showing me continually that they are increasing their contact with humans, both physically and telepathically, and wishing to share this connection as widely as possible for the greatest good of all.

It is time for all of us to Sing a New Song. To Sing the Song of the New Earth, collectively, to gather together in our hearts and offer the best of ourselves to each other, the planet, and all beings in this magnificent creation of reality that we are privileged to experience.

This is a time on Earth like no other. There are energies now that did not exist before, that were not previously available. Transformation is not only possible, it is happening at warp speed. We are co-creators of this journey, with our animal friends and all of life.

As we Sing the New Song, we knit together all creation, all species, all beings in an endless circle of Connection and Love.

This is the message of the whales, and this is their gift to us.


Journeys of Transformation: Teachings from the Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank

A Two-Part Teleclass Series

In these recorded teleclasses, you have the opportunity to experience the collective and individual energy of the Atlantic Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank.

• Experience guided meditations to connect with the whales and receive their energy transmissions
• Learn techniques to connect with the whales’ wisdom and guidance on your own
• Receive teachings and communication from the whales from their perspectives, wisdom, and experience
• Listen to an exceptional sample of whale song recorded live by Gene Flipse in the Silver Bank March 27, 2013, on the Full Moon

These are digital/mp3 recordings of 2 live classes. When you complete your purchase, you will receive a download link with your receipt. More info

Class Fee: $47.00
Includes: 2 recorded 90-minute calls

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